Rules + Chat Rules! Console ID's Discussion!!

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Rules + Chat Rules! Console ID's Discussion!!

Post by ♛Lord Console♛ on Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:43 am

No abusive behavior
No sexual content
No exclusive content
No bad behavior
No requesting likes for posting a CID
No reposting banned/fake/valid CIDs
No linking to other sites
No selling in your thread posts, nor redirects to other sites
No requesting cids in threads (Posting a thread, requesting a cid to be posted)
Rules About Our Chat:
No asking for CIDs
No posting CIDs
No requesting CIDs to be posted
No pornographic content
No links to other sites
No short links
No Misleading Links (Example: Mediafire Links Redirecting To Something Other Than Mediafire Links)
No selling in chat
CIDs are posted when they are available, they either come from a fellow member or from another site. Meaning they are public and if they came from another site the odds of it staying unbanned for several hours is unlikely. Premium CIDs last maybe hours, Public CIDs last mins now aday! So keep in mind of the above bullet points and follow our rules. Have a great day.

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